Proposed Distracted Driving Law Causing a Stir in Villa Rica | Georgia Auto Accident Attorneys


A proposed far-reaching distracted driving ordinance in Villa Rica is causing quite a stir among residents. The law would ban all forms of distraction, not just using cell phones, while driving. The proposed ban prohibits eating, reading, writing, performing personal hygiene/grooming, or interacting with pets, passengers or unsecured cargo while driving. Many Villa Rica residents have had mixed reactions about the law. Under the ordinance, hands-free devices would be allowed, and all law enforcement and emergency personnel would be exempt. The ordinance is expected to be considered by the city council on Tuesday.

Like drunk driving, distracted driving can be deadly. Just one moment of inattention can cause serious accidents, which can jeopardize the lives of other motorists on the road. Victims of distracted driving accidents often suffer serious injuries, and the most serious accidents result in death. Anyone who has lost a loved one or been injured in an auto accident caused by an irresponsible distracted driver should seek the legal advice of an experienced accident attorney to discuss their case.