Safety Tips from Jonesboro Dog Bite Attorneys


Did you know that over 4.5 million Americans suffer from dog bites each year? Many people assume that highly aggressive pit bulls are to blame for most of these incidents. However, according to Jonesboro dog bite attorneys, even the most docile animals can cause harm to an individual. Fortunately, simple safety tips can minimize the likelihood of injury. Consider implementing these tips from a Jonesboro dog bite lawyer.

Pet with Permission

First, before you pet a dog, make sure that you have permission from its owner. Also, before you touch the animal, hold out your hand. This allows the dog to become familiar with you. He or she will usually sniff you to become acquainted. When you make these efforts, an attack is less likely.

Respect their Space

Make sure to respect the space of the dog. Animals often feel territorial about their space and can attack if they sense an intruder. Proper respect of space prevents discomfort among animals and enhances your safety.

Distract the Dog

In some situations, people can sense that a dog is approaching with the intention of biting. In this scenario, it is best to distract the dog. Try tossing a lose item away from you to divert the animal’s attention. If this does not work, try walking away with confidence.

Use Caution Around a Dog with Puppies

When you encounter a dog with puppies, make sure to use extra caution. Like humans, dogs are territorial about their offspring and will attack in order to protect their puppies if they sense danger.

Seek Medical Care

According to dog bite attorneys in Jonesboro, sometimes even these safety precautions are ineffective. If an animal injures you, it is important to seek medical care immediately. Dog bites victims commonly suffer from significant bleeding and severe cuts. Stitches and antibiotics may be necessary. Also, certain doctors may want you to get shots to prevent unwanted diseases.