The Nature of Dog Bite Injury Cases


Many people are hesitant to bring an attorney into the equation after they suffer a dog bite. The reason for this is that most dog bites involve a family member or friend’s pet. While you expect to hear about certain breeds biting people, every now and then a seemingly gentle breed of dog will suddenly attack and bite someone for no apparent reason. Whether or not the dog meant to bite you, you still might sustain injuries that require medical attention. A Jonesboro dog bite attorney can help you to determine if you have a case or not and help you get money to pay for your medical bills.

A Thorough Investigation

It can sometimes be difficult to determine why dogs bite. A dog bite lawyer in Jonesboro will launch a thorough investigation, talk with the dog’s owner and gather all necessary evidence in order to help build your case. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have reported that over 1,000 victims of non-fatal dog bite wounds are admitted to the emergency room every day in the U.S. Some of the victims received disfiguring injuries. If you were one of them, you need the help of a Jonesboro dog bite lawyer on your side.

Determining Who’s at Fault

One thing you should bear in mind when it comes to dog bites is that it’s not always the dog’s fault. The animal may have been mistreated by the owner or trained to attack strangers. In these types of cases, the owner should be held responsible for the injuries caused by his or her irresponsible actions. A Jonesboro dog bite attorney can help ensure that negligent owners are brought to justice.