Successful Fayetteville Auto Accident Lawyers Can Help Your Case


Picture yourself stopped at a stoplight. You are enjoying listening to your favorite song when, with no warning, you are slammed from behind. Your head is thrown forward and then snaps back. Stunned, you try to look around to see what has happened. However, the pain in your neck keeps you from turning your head enough to see what is going on. You have been rear-ended and are one of the more than one million Americans who are injured by whiplash every year. If this has happened to you, you may need the services of a Fayetteville auto accident lawyer.

Physical Effects of Whiplash

The physical effects of whiplash can vary greatly according to the speed at which the other vehicle was traveling and the force of the impact. Symptoms of whiplash can occur immediately following the accident, but they can also appear several days later. These symptoms may include neck, spinal and shoulder pain. This pain can be attributed to torn ligaments and damage to spinal discs. Whiplash injuries can also cause nerve problems, leaving victims with numbness or a tingling sensation. Whiplash injuries can vary from an annoyance to a debilitating condition, so it is important to seek medical treatment right away.

Emotional Effects of Whiplash

Being injured in an accident can cause significant emotional damage, as well. It can be difficult for those affected by whiplash to get back into a car after the accident. Additionally, the emotional toll of not being able to function normally or to continue to work can be difficult to deal with. Because the effects of whiplash can go on indefinitely, those suffering from whiplash often slip into depression.

How a Fayetteville auto accident lawyer Can Help

An auto accident lawyer in Fayetteville can give you the legal advice you need after you suffer a whiplash injury. You not only need someone who can advise you as to where to seek medical help, but also on how to pay for all of your medical bills. Your attorney will explain your rights and help you understand what to expect in your case.

A whiplash injury can have a lasting impact on your life both physically and emotionally. Hiring a successful attorney can give you peace of mind after the accident. By hiring an experienced Fayetteville auto accident attorney, you can enjoy increased confidence that you will get the compensation you deserve for your injury. This compensation can help you get the medical attention you need to get on with your life. Call (770) 467-3372 today for a free consultation with the attorneys at Welmaker Law Firm, or fill out our free case review form online.