What To Do After An Auto Accident


Regardless of how attentive you are behind the wheel, even the most conscientious of drivers can be involved in accidents. Every accident is unique and it will benefit you to know what to do after an auto accident so you can properly protect yourself and your property. The stress inherent in being involved in an auto accident can be mitigated if you mentally prepare yourself to deal with the situation ahead of time.


Ensuring the safety of everyone involved in the accident should be the first thing you do after a crash. Survey the scene to determine if anyone needs immediate medical attention, and if it feels appropriate, call 911 to ensure the ultimate well-being of all involved parties. If you yourself have been injured, you might need to contact a Fayetteville auto accident lawyer protect your legal rights if you later decide to file a personal injury claim.

Knowledge Is Power

With the advent of camera phones, impromptu photographs are no longer a hassle. Take pictures of the scene and all vehicles involved immediately. These pictures could possibly help clarify who was at fault, and clear up insurance or legal issues down the road.

You will also want the name, license plate number and insurance information of the other driver or drivers involved. After this is done, gather information
from any parties who might have witnessed what happened. Be sure to get their names and contact information as it might be necessary for the police, insurance companies or attorneys to get statements from them at a later time.

File A Police Report

It is not uncommon for law enforcement officers not to respond to minor accidents if there are no injuries involved. If this is the case, it is still a good idea to go to your local police station and file a report for insurance purposes.

Knowing what to do after an auto accident will pay dividends for you should you ever be involved in one. If you are involved and it is more than a simple fender bender, it might be in your best interest to contact an auto accident lawyer in Fayetteville to help you navigate the process. Call (770) 467-3372 today for a free, no-obligation consultation with an experienced attorney at Richard D. Hobbs & Associates.