Motorcycle Accident Facts That Are Important To Know


While motorcycles are loved by many, they present many risks to their riders when compared to those who operate passenger vehicles. Even the most cautious motorcyclist has to rely on the safety of other drivers and trust that they will abide by all traffic laws and remain aware of potential road
hazards at all times. All motorists should know the following motorcycle accident facts provided by the attorneys at The Law Office of Richard D. Hobbs & Associates.

Possible Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

The causes of motorcycle accidents vary, but they most often result from the following:

  • Failure to see a motorcyclist
  • Hazardous weather conditions
  • Driving between two lanes
  • Failure to use a turn signal
  • Operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs

If you have been involved in a motorcycle collision, speaking with a motorcycle accident lawyer in Fayetteville may help you receive compensation for all of your financial losses and physical injuries.

Facts about Accidents and Injuries on Motorcycles

The main reason for most motorcycle accident injuries is the fact that the bike offers very little protection. Even when a biker is wearing a helmet, it may not be enough to save him or her from serious bodily damage, life-long disability, or even death. Consider the following facts about motorcycle accidents and injuries from the National Highway Traffic Safety

  • Compared to motorists of passenger cars, motorcyclists are 35 times more likely to die in an accident.
  • In the United States, around 11 percent of traffic accidents involve motorcycles. This may not seem particularly staggering until realizing that 96,000 motorcyclists were injured in 2008 in highway accidents alone, and over 5,200 were killed. In ten years, the fatality rates have more than doubled.
  • It has been estimated that a motorcyclist who chooses to wear a helmet is 37 percent less likely to die in a crash and 60 percent less likely to die of a head injury. Unfortunately, head injuries are the leading cause of death following a motorcycle crash.

Having a better understanding of motorcycle accident facts can help all drivers stay safe on the roads. If you have been injured in an accident, call The Law Office of Richard D. Hobbs & Associates at (770) 467-3372 for a free consultation with a Fayetteville motorcycle accident attorney.