What Is Premises Liability


Premises are considered to be the land or buildings belonging to a particular property owner, such as a private property owner, business owner or organization. By law, a property owner, or in some cases a non-owner resident, is responsible for maintaining a relatively safe environment on the property for anyone entering the premises. There is a branch of personal injury law that deals with injury or harm that is caused by a property owner’s failure to maintain safe conditions or to warn visitors of any potential hazards. This arm of law is known as premises liability. When a person is injured while lawfully on someone else’s property, the owner may be responsible for his or her injuries. If it can be proven that the injury was caused by the owner’s negligence, a premises liability case may be warranted. When determining what is premises liability, there are certain factors an attorney will take into account. Below is some important information about premises liability cases.

The type of premises liability case that is the most common is known as a “slip and fall liability” case. It should be noted, however, that premises liability law encompasses a much broader scope that just a slip, trip or fall; rather, it includes any unsafe condition that results in injury, whether caused by a fall or otherwise. So, just what is premises liability? Slip and fall accidents occur in all types of locations, anywhere from a private residence to a public sidewalk, parking lot, shopping mall or even an amusement park ride. This type of injury can happen as a result of a variety of unsafe conditions, such as torn carpeting, uneven flooring, insufficient lighting, narrow stairways, slippery floors, walkway obstructions, cracked or uneven walkways and sidewalks, unmaintained escalators, unmarked potholes, improperly maintained parking lots and much more.

Although some slip and fall liability cases may seem very cut and dry, they are not always as simple as they seem. Not every situation gives rise to legal action. However, valid claims are filed and settled all the time, so to assess the viability of a slip or fall accident case it is so important to consult with a premises liability attorney. If you
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