The Purpose of Wrongful Death Settlements


There is quite possibly nothing more tragic than a wrongful death. Losing a loved one earlier than expected can be unbearable. During this time, many families have a difficult accepting the loss, especially if the death was caused by someone’s negligent or reckless behavior. In these situations, filing a wrongful death lawsuit can help surviving family members seek justice for their loss and financial compensation to help deal with the decedent’s medical bills as a result of the accident, as well as funeral expenses. Wrongful death settlements are important for many reasons, just a few of which are discussed briefly below.

Loss of Earnings

With the help of a wrongful death attorney, families can receive compensation for the loss of the decedent’s earnings. Had he or she not died unexpectedly, the family would be able to receive continual income from their employment. Since the loved one is no longer alive, this money will not be there anymore. Proper compensation will ensure that the family still receives this income even though the person is no longer with them.

Funeral Expenses

The cost of a funeral can be expensive, especially for families that have not planned for it. When they file a lawsuit, they can recover these expenses. This will allow them to have a memorial service in order to properly say goodbye to the person they loved.

Medical Expenses

Any medical expenses that were incurred prior to the wrongful death can also be recovered with a lawsuit. This will relieve the burden of paying back medical bills.

Emotional Suffering

Families often need help with their emotional suffering. They might need to see counselors or doctors to help them recover from the shock of what has happened. A proper settlement can cover these expenses to ensure that they are properly cared for during this difficult time.

In many cases, children lose a parent who provided guidance and supervision. All of these unfortunate losses and added expenses that occur from a wrongful death can be properly compensated through wrongful death settlements and with the help of a qualified attorney. To discuss your potential case with an experienced wrongful death attorney from The Law Office of Richard D. Hobbs & Associates, call (770) 467-3372 today.