When to Consult With a Fayetteville Auto Accident Attorney


According to the auto accident statistics for the state of Georgia, many vehicles crashes result in injury or death to the victims involved. When these situations occur, victims ofte require more than just basic auto repair. Instead, they might need the help of a Fayetteville auto accident attorney to ensure they receive the compensation they are entitled to in their case. To learn more about when it might be wise to contact an attorney after an auto accident, read below.

Initial Consultation

After a car accident occurs, victims may need help with the following:

  • Medical care
  • Auto repairs
  • Emotional care
  • Lost wages

During this time, it can be difficult for victims to work with their insurance companies to get all that they are entitled to under the law. For this reason, it is often beneficial to schedule an initial consultation with an attorney. He or she can evaluate the case and the car accident injuries involved. This will allow victims to better understand what they can expect to receive from a settlement. An attorney can also deal with pushy insurance agents for you, so you can focus on recovering from your injuries.

Hiring an Attorney

After a consultation, the accident victim can then hire the Fayetteville auto accident attorney of their choice to handle their case. There are several benefits involved when working with an attorney, including the following:

  • The attorneys can work with the insurance company to prove that the other party was negligent.
  • The victims can focus on recovering from their injuries and resuming a normal lifestyle.
  • Settlements are usually higher when a qualified attorney is handling the case.

Common Injuries

Although auto accidents involve many different injuries, the most common include neck, back, and joint pain. However, some are more severe and can cause death or debilitating injuries. To receive a FREE consultation with an experienced Fayetteville auto accident attorney from The Law Office of Richard D. Hobbs & Associates, call (770) 467-3372 now.