What Needs to Happen After a Deadly Car Accident?


A fatal car accident is the last thing that anyone wants to deal with, but unfortunately they sometimes happen. Some deadly car accidents require the help of an attorney if the accident was caused by another person’s careless actions, or if your financial future is in jeopardy due to your loss. Turning to a car accident attorney may be the last thing that you want to do, but it might also be your only viable course of action.

Statute of Limitations

Even if your deadly car accident wasn’t a recent one there’s still a chance that a Georgia injury firm can help you out. The statute of limitations is the amount of time that you have to file a wrongful death claim. Once that period of time runs out, you no longer have the right to seek action against the party you feel is responsible for the death.

Protect Your Rights

Once you’ve established that you have a wrongful death case on your hands, the next thing that you need to do is protect your rights. In order to do this, you’ll want to secure any and all records pertaining to the accident as soon as possible so that there’s less chance of evidence being lost and so any witness statements that you gather will be well preserved.

Deadly car accidents should be investigated either by the police or your attorney. Since the deceased individual can no longer speak for themselves, a thorough investigation is one of the best ways to determine exactly what happened and who is truly at fault.

Have Someone in Your Corner

Since insurance companies will do everything they can to avoid a settlement for a wrongful death, it’s best that you have an attorney who is experienced at dealing with stubborn and uncooperative insurance companies. Wrongful death claims are a serious and expensive business, and they make insurance companies want to dig their heels in even deeper.

Even though you’re grieving over the sudden loss of a loved one, you have to think about your financial future as well as the financial future of your children. Schedule a consultation with an attorney to get the help that you need. To discuss your deadly car accident and potential case for FREE with an experienced car accident attorney from The Law Office of Richard D. Hobbs & Associates, call (770) 467-3372 now.