Do You Need to Hire a Fayetteville Auto Accident Attorney?


While not every car crash will necessitate legal action, some will. Consider that it is possible that the negligent party’s insurance company will not pay your medical bills resulting from the accident, and that there is no guarantee that you will be compensated for any time you have to take off work. A Fayetteville auto accident attorney can help ensure you receive the money you deserve to recover from the incident. Here are a few signs you should hire a lawyer.

1. Serious Injury

While there is no clear definition on what constitutes a serious injury, a Fayetteville car accident lawyer could help you determine if you have a strong case. Typically, a serious injury is one that could have long-term repercussions, keeps you from working or results in significant medical treatment.

2. Insurance Issues

If the negligent driver was either underinsured or uninsured, then you are at risk for having to pay for the damages out of your own pocket. You can hire an attorney who will ensure that the responsible party is brought to justice through compensating you for injuries, property damage and other factors.

Another aspect to insurance matters is that there are times that the provider will either pressure you to quickly settle the matter, as well as times when the provider will try to shortchange you on what you deserve for your current and future medical costs. In either case, a Georgia auto accident attorney can battle the insurance company for you so you can focus on healing from the incident.

3. A Dispute Over Fault

Lastly, you have a legal right to dispute responsibility for an accident if you feel you were not to blame. If you and the other driver are at odds over who was at fault, especially if significant damage or injuries have occurred, you should contact an attorney.

An auto accident attorney who has years of experience will be able to help you understand if you have a case or not. Take advantage of the lawyer’s free consultation to outline the details of what occurred and follow his or her legal guidance. To discuss your potential case for FREE with an experienced auto accident attorney at My Georgia Attorney call now.