Finding a Tractor Trailer Accident Attorney


Georgia accidents that involve tractor trailers often have devastating consequences for other drivers. Given the serious nature of these accidents, many injury victims recognize the importance of seeking help from a tractor trailer accident attorney. Choosing the right attorney, however, can seem like a difficult task. To find the best representative, injury victims should consider the following points.

Area of Specialty

Some attorneys make personal injury law their primary focus, while others occasionally take on personal injury cases. An attorney who practices personal injury law full-time in Georgia will usually have a more comprehensive knowledge of existing laws and recent court decisions that may affect a person’s case. Working with a Georgia accident attorney who specializes in tractor trailer crashes can be especially beneficial. One of these attorneys will know the regulations that govern trucking companies, which will make it easier for him or her to identify legal violations and reckless decisions.

Track Record

Accident victims can often judge an attorney’s experience and competence by looking at indicators such as client testimonials and recent case outcomes. Testimonials can reveal whether an attorney is attentive to each client, easy to work with and capable of delivering the results that clients expect. An attorney’s case results, meanwhile, can show whether the attorney frequently takes on similar cases and has a record of winning appropriate settlements.

Upfront Obligations

Many personal injury attorneys provide no-obligation consultations for potential clients. A consultation is usually not offered as a paid service; instead, it gives an attorney an opportunity to evaluate the case, just as it provides the accident victim with a chance to explore his or her legal options. If an attorney asks for upfront payments or other commitments, injury victims may want to consider alternative options.

Finding the Right Fit

A serious accident can be life-changing. The outcome of an associated personal injury case can be similarly impactful. People who are preparing to pursue claims should not rush into hiring a tractor trailer accident attorney. Although it is critical that accident victims work quickly to protect their rights, it is also important that they take time to find an experienced attorney who can fight for the best outcome possible. To discuss your potential case for FREE with an experienced tractor trailer accident lawyer from The Law Office of Richard D. Hobbs & Associates, call (770) 467-3372now.