Get a Higher Personal Injury Settlement with a Lawyer at Your Side


Your personal injury settlement needs to cover all of your expenses now and in the future. There are two main factors that go into determining what your case is worth

  • Your injury
  • Your treatment

A Fayetteville personal injury lawyer knows how to maximize your settlement by documenting your injury and treatment to present the best information to the insurance company or jury so that you receive the full amount you need to cover your injuries.

What You Can Do to Help Your Case

Work with your attorney to ensure you get the full amount you need. To do this, you need to follow your doctor’s care and complete the treatment. Don’t downplay your injuries to the doctor. Make sure you’re honest about your past medical history

Talk to your attorney about what you post on social media. It can be used against you by the other side. Your lawyer can tell you how to document your journey of pain and suffering, which will help you articulate it at a later date. Keep track of important life events that you are unable to participate in that have an emotional impact, such as:

  • A vacation
  • Having to miss a semester of college
  • A wedding
  • Graduation

What Your Lawyer Does for You

Your attorney has the expertise and knowledge to make the most of your personal injury settlement. Once they have the authority to act on your behalf, they won’t be pressured into taking the first offer even if the insurance company tells them it’s the “final”
offer. Your legal counsel takes over the delicate negotiations and relieves you of the stress involved.

When you have an attorney who knows the personal injury field and who will go to bat for you, you can wait for the right settlement offer to meet your needs. You want someone who will negotiate with the insurance company and the healthcare team to help you keep the most money in your pocket to take care of current and future expenses. To discuss a potential personal injury settlement for FREE with an experienced injury lawyer from The Law Office of Richard D. Hobbs & Associates, call (770) 467-3372.