Resources for a Dog Bite Attorney in Jonesboro Georgia


Dog bites are serious injuries that often need physical therapy, plastic surgery and psychiatric treatment during recovery. Contact a dog bite attorney in Jonesboro Georgia, if you have a serious injury or are struggling to find the information you need to deal with the insurance company. Your attorney will have many resources that can help you get the compensation for your injury.

Legal Resources

The most important thing that your Georgia dog bite lawyer can assist you with is determining if you even have a case. There are complex laws that govern the outcome of your claim, and an expert in the law is the best avenue to get that information.

Once you decide to pursue your case, your lawyer will know how to talk to the insurance company, if one is involved, and the dog owner so that you are no longer dealing with that stress. Your attorney is not emotionally involved, so they can be more objective when negotiating a settlement.

Medical Resources

Your attorney knows the best doctors who understand the medical complexities of a dog bite. Serious injuries that require additional therapy to regain full use of the injured area need a specialist who knows when a wound is fully healed. There may psychological terror that needs to be dealt with. A lawyer understands how to get the documentation for your injuries from the medical profession.

Investigative Resources

A dog bite injury that is contested will require an investigation to determine who is liable. Your dog bite lawyer has the professional investigators who understand what information is relevant in your claim and how to document the evidence.

You may not need every resource that is available to your lawyer. Sometimes just the threat of a lawsuit is enough to convince someone to settle. You deserve to have your medical bills paid for if you’re bitten by a dog. Get a lawyer on your side to provide the services you need to get the compensation to which you’re entitled. To discuss your potential case for FREE with an experienced dog bite attorney in Jonesboro Georgia from The Law Office of Richard D. Hobbs & Associates,call (770) 467-3372now.