When a Georgia Auto Accident Attorney Firm Comes in Handy


An experienced law firm offers a complete service for your accident injuries and provide a free consultation for your case or for the claim of your loved one. The Law Office of Richard D. Hobbs & Associates works with personal injury claims from the beginning phone call to their office to your settlement trial defense, if you choose not to settle your insurance
claim out of court.

Your attorney will speak with you about the specific details of your claim and give you a fair idea about the overall monetary value of your claim. Richard D. Hobbs & Associates work with traffic cases and are considered a Georgia auto accident attorney law firm. Your auto accident may involve your own personal injuries or a wrongful death of a loved one from a traffic injury. If you a victim of a DUI, they can help you with your first claim filing and will remain on your case if you decide to take your claim to a courtroom.

ThisGeorgia auto accident attorney law firm can help you with motorcycle accidents or bus accidents that have resulted in a major injury. Your attorney will take down your initial information and process your claim throughout its legal course. He or she will negotiate your settlement amount with hospitals and health insurance companies. They treat each client with fairness and settle each auto accident claim individually.

You are entitled to receive compensation for your emotional suffering, loss of your earnings and loss of any future earnings if you are out of work. Your medical expenses and rehabilitation costs will need to be compensated for. Your lawyer will try to settle your case out of court if possible, but they are always prepared to present your case to a jury in order to maximize your recovery.

Each personal injury case will be evaluated for its liability in order to determine who is at fault for your accident and the extent of fault that each party is held accountable for. The amount of damage for which you will be compensated will be evaluated according to the rules of contributory negligence. Insurance coverage and availability are assessed as well.