Hiring a Medical Malpractice Law Firm to Determine Your Best Course of Action


You trusted a healthcare professional to provide you with standard medical care required in Georgia. Maybe your doctor’s visit was a routine check-up. Maybe you were treated for injury that required medical care. Now you’re in pain and suffering from a new injury.

What Is Your Legal Recourse for a Medical Injury? Hire a Medical Malpractice Law Firm

In Georgia, you have the right to file a medical malpractice lawsuit against the healthcare provider. The healthcare provider may be the doctor, hospital, specialist or nurse. For the purpose of this blog, doctor will be used to reference the healthcare provider.

Medical malpractice refers to a medical professional negligently causing an injury by providing substandard care. To successfully prove your lawsuit, you must be able to show:

  • You hired the medical professional to treat you. The difference between whether you hired a doctor or not is simple. For example, you went to the doctor’s office to receive treatment, showing a doctor-patient relationship.
  • Maybe you talked to a doctor about a medical problem you had. You took the advice and suffered an injury. You wouldn’t be able to sue because you didn’t hire the doctor to treat you.
  • The doctor was negligent when he treated you. This element requires proving the doctor harmed you in a way a competent doctor wouldn’t have in the same circumstance.
  • The negligence caused your injury. The court gives a doctor leeway in this case because, most of the time, the patient is already injured when under the doctor’s care. You have to prove the doctor’s substandard care actually led to new injuries. The injuries may be a worsening of symptoms or untreated medical condition.
  • The new injury led to damages. This means you deserve money because of the substandard care received. Damages account for mental anguish, physical pain, more medical bills, lost earning capacity and lost wages.

Proving a medical malpractice claim without the assistance of a lawyer is tricky. The best legal course of action is to talk with a medical malpractice law firm about representing you.