Swimming Pool Regulations in Georgia


Tragedy can strike in an instant. A pool drowning accident can leave a family with heartache and despair. In Georgia, pool regulations need to be followed in order to help protect family members, neighbors and the general public. Negligence is not acceptable. After a tragic loss, a drowning accident attorney will help a grieving family through a lawsuit to seek damages for their loss.

Regulations and Ordinances

Regulations regarding swimming pools are put in place to protect family members and the public from drowning or other potentially dangerous events. Consider this brief overview when determining if a loved one’s drowning incident could have been prevented –

  • Private pools over two feet deep have specific fencing requirements. Checking with the local county board will help determine if the correct ordinances were followed upon the installment of the swimming pool.

    • Usually, the fences cannot be chain-link or lattice with a height requirement of at least 48 inches tall. The fence space cannot be more than 4 inches off from the ground or between slats.
    • Fences cannot have any type of foot or hand grips that may allow young children to climb without supervision.
    • Fence gates need to have both self-closing and self-locking mechanisms to prevent children from opening the latches.
  • Ordinances will vary for swimming pools which are only used in the summer months.
  • Public pools need vigilant, well-trained life guards. A life guard cannot be distracted from duties or engage in reckless behavior that might lead to a wrongful death.


Most drowning accidents occur due to lack of maintenance or failure to comply with federal, state and local regulations. The loss of a family member due to someone else’s mistake could lead you to file a wrongful death lawsuit. An experienced, drowning accident attorney will be able give you the assistance you need to collect damages. Both private and public swimming pools need to comply with the ordinances and regulations that have been designed for your protection.