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The law firm of Richard D. Hobbs & Associates exclusively handles personal injury cases for clients throughout Georgia. Our accomplished personal injury lawyers in Fayetteville have served the citizens of South Atlanta and surrounding areas for over 19 years and have over three decades of combined experience representing individuals who have been injured in various types of accidents involving cars, trucks, tractor trailers, and motorcycles.

Our team also focuses on accidents that have been caused by DUI drivers, slip and fall, trip and fall, and dog bites, and we have successfully handled cases involving catastrophic injuries, drownings, and wrongful death for the surviving families.

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Our aggressive and compassionate Fayetteville personal injury attorneys have been successful in our settlements and have earned our clients over 25 million dollars in the past five years alone. In addition, our dedication and personalized attention sets our firm apart, helping us create comprehensive cases that give all of our clients the best possible chance at results.

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