Although motor vehicle accidents can happen for various reasons in Georgia, some factors are more likely to contribute to these crashes than others. In this guide, we will explore these factors and provide information on legal options available if you have sustained injuries in an accident caused by one of them.

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Driving Under the Influence

In Georgia, drunk driving results in over 350 deaths every year, which accounts for 24 percent of the state’s total traffic fatalities. What’s more, impaired driving does not only include driving under the influence of alcohol. But it also includes driving under the influence of drugs, and every year, countless lives are impacted due to this driving behavior.

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving takes on many different forms, including eating and driving, texting and driving, and even personal grooming and driving. However, regardless of the activity, if a person is not paying attention to the road ahead of them as they are operating their vehicle, they put themselves and others at risk of suffering severe injuries in a devastating crash.

Excessive Speeding

Speeding can endanger everyone on the roads, including other motorists, motorcyclists, and pedestrians. In fact, the consequences of speeding are far-ranging and include things such as:

  • Reduced effectiveness of protection equipment for those in a motor vehicle
  • A higher potential for the loss of motor vehicle control
  • An increased stopping distance after a motorist perceives a hazard on the road
  • A higher degree of crash severity
  • A greater likelihood that the resulting injuries will be severe
  • Increased economic implications 

Not Abiding By Georgia’s Traffic Laws

Traffic laws are in place to ensure the roads in Georgia are safe for those traveling on them. Consequently, when motorists do not abide by these regulations, it can result in debilitating collisions that can lead to devastating injuries and losses.

Some of the actions that can increase the risk of a crash include:

  • Not obeying speed limits
  • Not following traffic signs and signals
  • Not using turn indicators before turning
  • Reckless driving
  • Making illegal turns
  • Driving on the wrong side of the road
  • Unsafe passing

Dangerous Roadways

While a car crash can occur on any road in Georgia, certain streets and highways in the state are more prone to these tragic accidents, including:

  • Interstate 16 
  • Interstate 20
  • Interstate 75
  • SR-42 from S. River Industrial Blvd SE to Wylie St. SE

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