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Have you used a product that has caused personal injury or property damage? Did you know that you may be eligible to receive compensation from the manufacturer if the product is defective? Your case may fall under product liability law and we can help you navigate the legal process at Richard D. Hobbs & Associates, P.C. in Fayetteville, GA. 

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Do I Have a Case for a Product Liability Lawsuit?

The State of Georgia simplifies product liability law with claims based on strict liability or negligence. When your case is built on strict liability, you and your legal team do not have to prove fault, but you will need to show that the defendant in your case is the manufacturer of the faulty product, the product was defective when it left the manufacturer and the product defect led directly to injury or property damage.

A defective product may fall into three categories – defective design, manufacturing defect or duty to warn. Here is a closer look at each category in a product liability lawsuit:

  • Defective Design – In a defective design case, the product was manufactured according to design and the design itself is unreasonably dangerous to consumers – which means that the risks of the product design surpass the benefits of the product. 
  • Manufacturing Defect When manufacturing defect is employed in a product liability lawsuit, it means that the design was safe and sound – but there was an error in the manufacturing process that caused the product to be defective.
  • Duty to Warn – A product manufacturer has a duty to warn consumers of any danger that may not be obvious or immediately foreseeable in normal use. The manufacturer has a duty to keep consumers informed of any dangers the product could cause.

Georgia product liability law provides a 2-year statute of limitations for personal injury claims and a 4-year statute of limitations for property damage claims – based on when you discovered the injury and product defect. The State of Georgia uses a modified comparative negligence rule to determine damages and you may not receive compensation if you were more than 50% at fault and damages will be reduced in proportion to your own fault.

How Can a Product Liability Attorney Help?

A product liability lawsuit may involve many legal hurdles and in many cases, you could find yourself face to face with a corporate law team. This is where Richard D. Jones & Associates, P.C. can help. With our legal experience in the courtroom, we can help you navigate the legal proceedings and paperwork, represent you in court, help you prove your case and receive the financial compensation that you deserve in your product liability lawsuit.

We win when you win at Richard D. Jones & Associates, P.C. and we want the chance to represent you in court as your product liability attorney in Fayetteville, GA.