Dealing with the loss of a loved one is never easy. The last thing you want to do in these situations is to worry about the legal matters involved. Yet, knowing your legal options if your family member passes away due to someone else’s negligence, recklessness, or intentional acts is vital, especially since this loss can be incredibly difficult not only emotionally but financially as well.

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What Does Wrongful Death Mean?

In Georgia, wrongful death occurs when a person’s death results from a crime, another person’s negligence or wrongful actions, or due to a property that has been defectively manufactured. 

The Financial Damages You Can Pursue in Georgia in a Wrongful Death Suit

If you are able to bring a wrongful death lawsuit in Georgia, you may be able to pursue various types of economic damages. These damages are usually split up into two categories. The first one looks to compensate the surviving family for the full value of the decedent’s life, which includes compensation for the following losses:

  • Lost income, services, and other benefits the decedent could have reasonably earned had they lived.
  • Lost companionship, care, advice, and counsel the decedent could have provided to their loved ones. 

The second category of financial damages is intended to compensate the decedent’s estate for the losses sustained following the death. This legal claim is usually brought by the decedent’s executor and includes payment for the following losses:

  • Medical bills related to the decedent’s last injury or illness
  • Burial and funeral expenses, and
  • Other costs that resulted from the decedent’s injury or illness and resulting death

How Much Is a Wrongful Death Lawsuit Worth In Georgia?

Although a wrongful death attorney can help surviving family members figure out what types of financial damages they can pursue in a wrongful death suit, there is no reliable formula or data that can let survivors know exactly how much compensation they will be able to receive following this death. In truth, there are just too many factors that can impact this claim, including:

  • The age of the deceased
  • The income of the deceased and their earning capacity at the time they passed away
  • The age of the survivors and the relationship they had with the deceased
  • The specifics of the state’s laws regarding who can recover what after their loved one’s death

However, when you work with a skilled wrongful death lawyer, these legal professionals can assist you in preparing the strongest legal claim on your behalf and fight tirelessly for the compensation you are entitled to. 

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